Saturday, June 6, 2009

If money were no object...

That is something I have always thought about... If money were no object, what 5 things would you like to do? Here is my list... Leave yours in the comments if you like, email me or Skype it over...

  1. If money were no object I would get my husband a brand new hauling rig that held 12 horses. We are always limping things along and he does an amazing amount of work keeping our equipment going... I would love to take that burden away and have him really enjoy driving the country, showing to his heart's content.
  2. If money were no object I would travel to see my family more often. I truly miss my sister in Louisiana and family back east and my in law sis, recently moved to Texas. I value our ties so much and feel as though that pesky cash flow stops me from really being able to support them like I want. I would fly to my sister's on every birthday and special occasion, spoiling my soon to be here niece with little baubles from around the states! I would be there when things were hard and when things were easy... I would be there... Physically to hug it out!
  3. I would landscape our property and fix all the fence. In fact, I would rip out all this vinyl crap and put in powder coated pipe fencing and rejoice in the fact that I don't need to electrically wire the entire ranch! I would plant flowers in the spring and decorate the whole ranch for Christmas with little white sparkly lights, even though we live way out in the boonies and no-one but us would see them! I would cater to my artsy side and make this a haven with flair!
  4. I would send my husband to the Spanish Riding School in Austria where the Lipizzaner (massacred that spelling!) stallions are to learn from the best and then on to Shawn Flarida's to seal the deal!
  5. If money were no object I would find myself another horse to show. I miss that camaraderie the barn has together and I miss the feel of a horse that I truly love and adore. I would travel with my husband and not do the billing in the office because it makes me a bear to deal with and I would learn to ride better because it makes him proud.

What would you do???? If money were no object...


  1. 1) I would help my family out.
    2) I would give more!
    3) I would eat healthier.
    4) I would make sure my family was healthy.
    5) I would travel.

    Great post!

  2. Rachelle T.: Thanks for stopping by! I so appreciate it! I love things like this that make you think outside the box!


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