Sunday, June 14, 2009

Filling my cup

Yesterday was one of those days... A day that I am coming across more often and luckily have become old enough and wise enough to stem the flow of the deep darkness that threatens to overtake me. I know when this hits me I must get out! Fly to the farthest recesses of our property and reset. Fill my cup again and start over with a new attitude.

I could have sat inside and eaten the entire plate of brownies I made (gluten free, of course.), or had one more martini and just slipped into a nap. But my bestest friend was with me... And in her eyes I also saw a need to escape for a minute or two.

Admiring what isn't visible from an office chair

And so, I filled my cup with the good things instead. I opened my mind to the possibility that I was choosing the better thing by taking an hour in my back yard to remember what it was that so enchanted us four years ago when my husband and I walked the property line.

To start the process that fills me back up so quickly by remembering that God is truly in control. After all, if he can create such amazing beauty, he can certainly make a beautiful thing out of my life too.
Even puppies can contemplate the vastness...
Life isn't meant to be lived inside pouring over the computer screens. (Forgive me blogosphere!) I love my blog-worlders! But I cannot exist only here... I need those RWP's that help me fill my cup. Those entities that reset my perspective and remind me that existing in the real world is sometimes incredibly beautiful.
my beautiful Jewel is feeling much better!
It was a joy to lay on our backs and watch the dogs play on the rocks, to toss the pine cone for Jewel, who is all but recovered. It reminded me that sometimes the most simple things can be the most effective. The natural beauty of my surroundings can help me simply find zero again, and maybe even find better than zero. The sound of my best girlfriend's voice, the sound of two giggling girls and one sword-swooshing imaginative boy all brought me back to where I need to be to start over for another week.
The view from my spot where we lay

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