Monday, June 1, 2009


Remember... I like Mondays??? I know, so antithetical - but true! I have been up, had half a cup of coffee, done my Wii-Active workout and read the blogs I follow. I am now listening to Daddy holler at the Wii-Fit trainer. He is trying to stretch using Yoga and while I know it is hilariously entertaining, I should stay right where I am in order to keep him doing it! He would surely quit if I was in there laughing at all the face and complaints he logs!

I am heading out this evening for an appointment with a Boulder-ite for a wedding invitation job. I really need to do some serious brainstorming to come up with some very fresh ideas. I want to make this a memorable wedding for her and maybe get my name out there with something other than just a card. Not that I don't really enjoy making just cards... They are a wonderful way for my creative side to take center stage and FEEEEEED me. Anywhooooo.... I am currently doing a baby shower invitation that is really cute... Barn doors... So fun! And then there's the announcement waiting on the arrival of the Bebe... So really, I am very excited!

Shane leaves on Wednesday for Pueblo and the Sagebrush Slide... Trying desperately not to get blue over him being gone again. I have lots to work on, so that might help... And the kiddos are excited to be able to get to the show since school is out.

Lots to do and just a little time to do it! Hopefully things get a little evened out since the billing is done, the summer is starting to pick up and I have some "refreshment" planned with the trip to OKC/TX/NO! It isn't Africa (Hi! Sheryl!), but it is a much needed visit to family and friends! And I am very excited to spend time with my sis. I miss her very much!


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