Tuesday, June 9, 2009


> Why is it I cannot seem to start and finish a task all in the same day? I am often frustrated by the fact that every room I visit is littered with tasks I started, wandered off to find a completing item, and didn't return to until days later... I'd like to chalk it up to my creative brain, but I think I may just be ADHD - Oooooh! Look! Shiny!
>When did Girl get to be so darned smart? And funny? And aware? I do not recall being that present when I was 12 years old! Heck, I don't know that I am that present now!
>When did Boy get that eye-roll down pat? And is it considered abuse to roll ones eyes back while hollering at the top of one's lungs that I hate eye-rolling????
>If I enjoy the card making so much and cannot seem to exit a scrap booking store without buying at least one more item, why is it that I cannot seem to complete the orders for cards I have in now? They were splendid fun to mock-up... I am blogging about it, instead of doing it! You know, that part that makes it a job - One that I actually make money at...
>Why is it when one gets married one suddenly looses the ability to make a decision? Why is it also, that one seems to change ones mind after a card maker has already started the process of purchasing very challenging-to-find paper, causing the said card maker to look rather foolish with her suppliers?
>How is it that although I find I am a very independant woman who likes to have her house to herself, I am also the same woman that frets when hubby is always away at a meeting or a show or traveling to some remote corner of the land?
> Why does icecream taste best when it is consumed driving pell-mell down the freeway, alone and a little guilty for having stopped by oneself?
>Why is blogging so much easier than all the other things I have to do on my neverending list?

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