Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Faddas Day, Daddio!

Went by Dad's today to give him his FD card and a big hug. Also wanted to let the kiddos run around Gramma/Grampas and check out the new swing set. As usual, Dad was wonderful! I was nice and didn't take any pics of him... He hates that, especially when he has been working in the yard! He he eh! But that was what I found him doing and he was quite content! Was exactly what he had planned to do with his entire day... Me? I woulda milked the day a little more, but I'm not him. He was wiring up a fountain in the back yard along a retaining wall he has been working on as well. Looked like heavy work to me.

The parental units' back yard is coming along quite nicely and is something I aspire to... Doubt I will ever get to this point, but it is a dream. (Heck! I would just like to get tomatos this year!)

Are those not just the most adorable bird abodes???? I love the way Mom (or Dad) has them arranged. Struck a chord with me today, seeing as how their nest is an "empty" one at this time. At least it isn't empty all the time! I come by way too often for that!

Patted my favorite Yorkie, Bella and then skeedaddled outta there to run home and mow the lawn. In a wonderful roundabout way, I kinda do have my own flower garden!

I just couldn't mow down this impromtu garden amidst my back yard. Afterall, they had fought hard through all the tall grass to set out their own little oasis! I have mowed around all of them, and alas, some have been clipped, but I have a small garden out there. A garden of volunteers!

Indian Paintbrush

Haven't got a clue... But they are PURPLE!!!

That Sagey kinda stuff... I dunno! I just found it incredibly soft and wonderful!

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