Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Montage

Wendy at On The Front Porch had this post that intrigued me. I have lots of random moments that crash in on my life during the week that I can't make into an entire post, so I have collected them here... Thanks, Wendy! Great idea!
  • I'm in one of those incredibly obnoxious warehouse stores the other day, extremely relieved that I have only one more aisle to go, when I happen upon them... Two ladies in hair nets, obviously sample ladies, having an incredible conversation. Sample Lady #1 is firing questions at a rapid pace at Sample Lady #2, all the while sputtering around her station, tidying this, straightening that...Literally not standing still and not listening for any answers from Sample Lady #2. And Sample Lady #2 is following her around, almost as frantically attempting to answer each question as it comes, stopping mid sentence to start another response! Both women's bobbing hair nets crossing the aisle multiple times before and after I passed them. I actually smiled and giggled as I rounded the corner, relieved to know that when I become that obnoxious lady who is too impatient to wait for answers, there will still be a friend for me.
  • When did I become such a facinating person that enthralls my pre-teen daughter? Girl has been so desperate for what she deems "Girl Days" she even came to town with me today to run errands and go grocery shopping! Shocking - And incredibly wonderful!
  • Why is it that when I actually take the time to make dinner on a night before a horseshow am I ever surprised that Hubby will change his plans and run off to do stuff until the late hours of the night leaving the dinner cooling on the stove and his wife fuming on the couch?
  • I am incredibly excited and distracted by the looming trip I leave for on Tuesday... I am also realizing that I have inherited my mother's penchant for panicking right before a trip and making myself miserable with all the mental preparation! Seriously! I WANT to do this trip - I need to act like it!
  • I watched as Boy used the weed whacker today and realized that my little boy is no longer little. He is now a power tool using young man. He was covered by shredded vegetation and is tonight a weary soul. A couple of hours in the sun did more to his mom's heart than he will ever know!

Those are my pieces... Some little more than rant and ramble, but that's them!

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