Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I am sad..,.

A very good friend of mine has lost a very good friend of hers. Her dog was diagnosed with cancer a couple of months ago and she did everything she could to send it into remission. She fed him a completely organic and time consuming diet, she watched him regularly, she did it all right. The cancer grew anyway and she has been told the best thing for him is to put him down.

He is uncomfortable at times, but for the most part, he looks the picture of heath. That is by far the hardest part of saying goodbye to him now. It would be different if, when our furry friends aged, they looked the part of a dying animal. Often, they don't. Often we have to make that decision when it is the hardest to make.

My heart goes out to my friend today. She is being a grown up in the very hardest sense... And being a grown up sucks!


  1. Oh what a sad place for your friend to be, and what a good friend you are to feel for her the way you obviously do!

    I wanted to thank you for visiting my site and hope you will come back many times and join in the chaos that is... McGillicutty!!!!

  2. Thanks! Oh, I will most definitely be back! I found many posts of yours funny and almost too close to home! Nice to find someone in the blogosphere that thinks much the same as I do... I especially liked your post about house-cleaning procrastination! I operate much the same way! Thanks for coming by yourself!


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