Thursday, May 21, 2009

yay!!!!! Geek Police are so cool!

Ok... Now that I have your attention! is a BB that is helping me figure out what on earth is wrong with Em's computer! (Mama B knows what's wrong... Gotta virus when we didn't load our safety software properly! tsk, tsk!) But these guys are seriously cool! If you ever get in a pickle, just log onto , create a free account and post your question. A GeekCop will start helping you almost immediately. I have been working with this guy for over a day now and he is absolutely the bomb! He is incredibly patient and just keeps plugging away with me. Even when I made some silly mistakes.

That's my plug for the day! Hopefully by this time tomorrow, Em's computer will be all sparkly clean and she can use it again... With Anti-virus installed and Staying the heck off MySpace!!!



  1. I know how that feels. Two months ago Jacob was on the computer and it got a virus. Had to wipe the whole thing out. What a mess. Didn't have the virus protection.

  2. ick! I can completely sympathize... I have had to wipe the barn computer more than once! NOW that is a mess! Reinstalling everything, updating all my ancient programs... I don't even like thinking about it!


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