Friday, May 29, 2009

OK... I'm tired now!

Call me a sap, or lazy, or just fad-ish. I am simply beat! Couldn't resist getting the Wii-Active today. I know, I know... Just more money! But I am actually sweating and gleefully tired! I did the first workout, which was creepily cheered on. That is much improved from the Wii-Fit which asks sarcastic questions like, "Do you trip when you walk?" Not nice! This little lady just cheers and cheers! I am a workout supa-sta!!!

But really, folks! If you are looking for that extension of the Wii-Fit that keeps you moving, this is it! Thanks, KS, for being the first to get it and let me know it is a butt-kicking workout! I thouroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Even the part that made my butt hurt!

Don't, however, expect any pictures! I am still very much out of shape. Maybe after I complete the 30 day challenge it has cooked up for me...

I have a new book that I am going to open and start tonight. The perfect ending to a not-so-perfect beginning...

c ya!

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