Saturday, May 9, 2009

Comfort Friends

I have this comfortable friendship. It's the kind of friendship that beckons when you know you should be doing something else. Let me explain:
  • It's magnetic and fresh like puppy love.
  • It's worn and comfortable like broken in slippers.
  • It's exciting and yet we can sit and talk blandly about nothing, sometimes even trailing off into silence as we sip our coffees, or lemonades or anything liquid.
  • It's a liquid friendship, changing and shifting, filling each of my nooks and crannies, refuling me each installment.
  • It is a solid meal for my heart when I need it most, even when I didn't think I needed it.
  • It's laughing until I can't catch my breath about things most inappropriate, and sometimes downright silly
  • It is letting tears stream down my face without fear of my running mascara - I know they just don't care about that.
  • It's knowing that if you touch, the dam will burst and all your emotions will come flooding out... And it's doing it anyway, because you know it is safe.
  • It's chatting online when we know we have work to do... And yet, we just have one more question to ask!
  • It's the figurative smack on the back of your head when you are acting like a jerk.
  • It's the kind of relationship that pulls you out of the house and makes you interact with your world, even though you are protesting VERY much!
  • It's the most honest you can be and not be hurtful, because you know it is meant with love, always.
  • It's sharing a drink at the bar because you only have so much money between you.
  • It's knowing when the other needs a call, even when you haven't seen eachother for weeks!
  • It's making drinks on a Saturday and talking until you just know you're going to get a call from the hubby...
  • It's the best thing that can happen outside of your family, and yet to not have them would be like loosing a family member

There aren't alot of friendships like this, but the ones you have, however short or long, are to be cherished for a lifetime!

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