Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's going to be a good one!

You know when you wake up and it just feels like an especially productive day? I have that feeling today! I just know there is something in today that I am going to love!

The horses are running around, full of energy and so happy to be turned out after long days inside! The farrier is here and his hammer rings through the barn. Hubby is on the tractor and I am happily typing the entry to one of my coming-favorite past-times... It's just GOT to be a great day!

Watched "Fireproof" last night - Really disappointed in the quality of acting. And yet, that did not detract fromt the message that had me bawling quietly in the corner of my couch. Powerful. Makes you realize that all the stuff you complain about has been a complaint in every marriage since the beginning of time! Revisited some techniques I would like to start up again. It was a great reminder... If you can get past the terribly corny acting, I would recommend to anyone married or soon to be...

Off I go to ACOMPLISH! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

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