Friday, May 22, 2009

Things I love about working from home...

Feel another list coming on? Well, you are right on! Are you psychic????

  • I love the way that I can be around my husband and family, even when I have a deadline and have to work late.
  • I love being able to eat at my desk with no-one hounding me about crumbs or coffee rings.
  • I love the quiet mornings at the kitchen table with no one to listen to but my own tap tap on the keyboard...
  • I love being able to "run away from home" if it all gets too scary!
  • I love being interrupted by my office mate who is always so positive!
  • I love the way I always seem to overbook myself because I should have all this time...
  • I love the feeling of accomplishment when on those rare days I actually get it all done, even though I report to no-one but myself (oh, and 30 other clients...)
  • I love making lists to check off, or highlight in different colors, to keep me focused on what needs done.
  • I love being able to chat or take personal calls while I'm working... Makes the day go by much faster!
  • I love what I do! I can choose which hat to put on and when that hat gets too heavy, I switch!
  • I love being able to be home when my kids get off the bus... No matter how old they get, they still like me to be home when they are.
  • I love saving money on gas and not having to fight the traffic! I get to plan my trips to town avoiding the busiest travel times.
  • I love being able to step out of my office and go love on horses. That really makes my mind reset when I'm working on something hard.
  • I love working with a cat on my lap... Well, mostly... Sometimes I wish I didn't have TWO cats in my lap!

For those who have "town-jobs", I admire your dedication! I don't know that I could ever go back... I have become quite unruly in my maturation!

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