Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spaghetti tonight...

It's my lazy meal.... Spaghetti and meat sauce. It is warm and comfy and quick - VERY Quick!

Hubby is at the vet again tonight. I call them his Date-Nights. He goes late, on the verge of after-hours and brings more horses than he plans on and talks... It is wonderful though that he can do that. Most vets in our area would not allow the things he gets away with. Pays to be nice, pay your bill and try to be considerate. There are definitely things we have lost in the age of convenience and instant messaging!

Daughter is growing up way too fast! Q is 12 and I look at her and think, what an amazing person in that skinny little body! She just floors me with her attitudes and insights. I wonder if this is what my mother talks about when she says she is very proud of how I turned out... And Quin is not done turning out yet, either!
Boy is doing wonderfully and needs yet another haircut!!!! How is it that hair grows that fast????? Man hair is weird and amazing stuff. I think Levi and Shane could both go to the barber once week and have hair on the floor each time! He is so imaginative! Runs around the house with his "light-saber" or "sword" (both the same utensil, just different imaginings), making marvelous swishing sounds.... And little grunts of exertion... I remember being that imaginative. I had whole worlds I would visit!
Hoping to make it to church tomorrow night. We have a clinic coming on, so it may get tricky. Shane has said he would pick up our guest, but I don't know if I want to leave him alone with that task. It has been a very full week and we are not even close to done! But we'll pull it out, I am sure of it!
Got a good night's sleep last night - thank you NyQuil! Hoping to repeat tonight and wake up tomorrow without this sore throat. It is the only symptom I have left of my short lived sickness.

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