Monday, May 4, 2009

Rainy Day Mondays

I love the feeling of Monday! The freshness of it, the chance to start over and get this week right... To actually get all the to-do's done this time. I love the sense that I get another chance!

Even after I got to come home from the work-a-day crowd, Mondays always seemed to carry the same kind of "new-startness" to them they did at the office. Now that I work for myself, they still have a certain freshness quality! I think alot has to do with the fact that I get the house to myself once the kids leave for school. I get to take stock and arrange my schedule around something besides dishes, or laundry, or cooking one more time.

To me, Mondays are freedom! They aren't tied down by commitment yet. They don't have anything looming in a deadline yet. Mondays are fresh and untouched, no matter what happened last week.... Well, almost. Sometimes Mondays are fraught with stress because you find out on Friday at 5:03pm that something has to have your immediate attention... Those Mondays I can live without! But for the most part, I love the feeling of starting over. Like a clean sheet of lined paper or a new journal, I get to give it another shot that just might make it all make sense!

Call me crazy! Just don't expect me to answer the call on Thursday afternoon... I've usually checked out by then! Waiting for my next Monday to save me!

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