Friday, May 8, 2009

Conversing with rocks

Sometimes I feel like I spend most of my day conversing with rocks. My voice bounces around the room, sometimes at a volume most would find compelling, and lands squarely in my own ears confirming that I am the only one who has heard me!

I tell the rocks to do their chores. I tell the rocks what my plans are for the day, hour, week, year... I tell the rocks not to spill their drinks on the carpet. I tell the rocks that dinner is ready... I talk to rocks!
I suspect that some of you also talk to rocks. Rocks that you love and rocks that you admire and some rocks that really irk you! And sometimes you don't even know that it was a rock you spoke with. You truly thought you spoke with a living breathing entity that heard your comments, your desires, your instructions... It is only later that you realize that it was indeed a solid rock, incapable of making your words into actions.
I guess it is a really good thing that the rocks I speak to take the form of sentient beings - I might be carted off to the looney bin, otherwise!

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