Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Outside my own back door...

I just read the most wonderful post about being in the moment... Thanks Muse! I love the idea of it and find myself often out of the moment for otherwise very good reasons! So much to do all the time and so little time to get it all done!

There was a time I really wanted to install a bench among the wildflowers to have a nice spot to drink my morning coffee and pray. But with all the wildlife in the area, I just can't bring my citi-fied bones to get enough courage to do it. The cougar is daunting enough without the packs of coyotes to add to it! But it is so beautiful!!! I seriously rethought my decision as I knelt in the soft, damp earth to take these photos.
The delicate flowers are just so amazing to me! I felt like I was in another world and was wishing the threatening rain would wait just a minute for me to get one more shot...
The stump captured my imagination... I can stare at this pic forever... So many nooks and crannies. It looks alot like a snake out of the basket of a charmer. I was pretty amazed at the details I had missed for so long. I really do need to stop and smell my roses... Or primroses, as it were. So often I forget how beautiful this place is just outside my back door. It was a great time to refresh that memory and bring back to life the desire to sit engulfed in it and just ponder.

Hope you enjoyed a small piece of my back yard. I sure did!


  1. Hi Stacey! Thanks for reading my blog! Your photographs are simply lovely. I recently got a Nikon D60 and am having a ball learning to see the world through the lens.

  2. Thank you so much! LOL! I have the cheapest little digi camera that I use... Just a little Canon Elf! But I couldn't resist trying to capture the absolute beauty that so often I seem to forget is lurking out there in the tall grass! Maybe I can get inspired to take some real photos with a "real" camera some day. Julie at Moments of Perfect Clarity is very inspiring as well! Thanks so much for "reading me back!" :)


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