Friday, May 1, 2009


I am always amazed at how wondefully God takes care of me! I know that there are times I am extremely negative and morose... He forgives that nasty quality in me and keeps blessing me no matter how unfaithful I am!

I have this little feed business.... Ha ha ha! I thought that that was going to be it. Just get a feed dealership because the shop I was buying from closed down and I needed a reliable way to get feed. Boy was I wrong! Circle SB Feed, llc is taking off from the rafters! As of right now, 6 weeks from opening, we have more clientele than the shop I was ordering from had! I have the best partner I could possibly have asked for and we are of like mind! I am excited every time I open the office door. I haven't been that excited about sitting in the office since Shane and I were able to move here almost 4 years ago! (No offense, Shane!) The horse business has its ups and downs and so it can be very stressful at times. Right now, with the feed we are selling being the best on the market, I see some very big potential! And having a commodity is WAAAAAY different than being in the service business! Different, and yes, I know, I tend to get excited at first... I hope to stay that way! God is really good!

And because I really do love the horsey part of what I do... I have decided to start a "Little Brown Book" of all the clients so that they can have a way to contact eachother without having to get ahold of myself or Shane. I have these big plans to index not only alphabetically but also have a horsey index so that those who know the horse name, but forget the people name can still look eachother up! They all get along so great! It is wonderful to know that we have amazing and fun clients that have become some incredible friends as well. We have often been told that getting this close to our business clients is not always smart... Yeah - We know. But being this involved and loving what we do, we just couldn't do it any other way. We will take the heartaches that some bring to us along the way in exchange for all of the really wonderful and amazing people we have met!

Man! I am sounding all mushy and soft! Ahem! Maybe its the Eggplant Parmesean in the oven or the overcast day! Or maybe I'm just a sap! Yeah - that's probably it!

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  1. Sheryl here,
    It's great to be able to see you zest for each day again. Glad your back!!!!! (So to speak)
    Love ya.


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