Saturday, May 23, 2009

Congrats Jess!

My brother's fiance is finally done with school! She is going to be a dental hygienist... At least I think that's the story... If I got it wrong, huge apologies!

I grabbed up Boy and headed to the family gathering they had at Jess' mother's home in Arvada. It was a very nice and quiet evening, the only exception being that Boy and Jess' dad kept getting way too rowdy! As mine was the only child there under 21, I knew the squeals were his! It was a good time and I enjoyed reconnecting with Bro, who is my favorite brother! We are simpatico on many levels and where we are diverse I delight in our differences! Plus, he does very cool computer-y things for me! I LOVE THAT!

Congrats Missy! Yay! Now, go find a job! he he!
Millie was content to chomp on a chewy bone... Clearly not impressed with the momentous occasion!

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  1. Yay! Thanks for coming all the way down to hang out with us. Ian gets really excited whenever he gets to see his sistas :) Thanks again for my gadget. LOVE IT!


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