Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy ... new...y...

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Yeah, um...  That was the sound of me falling asleep at 10:30 last night after crying uncontrollably and rediculously over nothing much at all.  So much for "Flow"... Eh!  I don't count it as official, since it was not technically the New Year yet...  So today begins my year of Flow...  Hopefully not Flop...   But I digress! This is the post that spawns a thousand new posts for the year (ok - that is clearly an exaggeration since that would mean more than two posts a day, which is definitely not in my time adgenda...  Again, digression...) Can you tell that I have had two cups of coffee?  And am working on my third???? 

Today?  Well, today I will slather myself in some essential oils to boost my mood, make something yummy for eating, and hopefully simply enjoy my children today.  We have no real plans, as we had no real plans last night.  Hubby was home for the evening, but was woefully sick. (He also revealed a heck of a shiner this morning, aparently aquired while setting up the stalls at his latest horse show.)  He too will return to work today and then leave about lunch time to go back to the show for overnight and maybe two...  We shall see what that brings us.  I, however, will not wait.  Maybe, Boy and Girl and I will see a flick.  Maybe we will shop.  I haven't a clue.  But I will FLOW...

I had wonderous plans to spend my Christmas money on a better point and shoot camera - One with a higher pixel rate than my current 3.0.  Maybe one with a fancy N-type logo on it...  But after much perusal and some soul searching, I have discovered, really what I need to get is a new floor scrubber.  Blech.  Not very romantic or very creative, but since I am coming to the end of my contract with my house cleaner (Hey, Jodes!), I have decided I want to remain organized and fairly tidy and that means saving some time.  Plus, I hate using dirty mop water to mop the floor. Double-Blech!  So, going all "flow-y", a floor scrubber it is!

I will finish my "Things I Can't Live Without" posts and then ruminate on what other project I would love to do, bloggy-wise.  I have made some wonderful friends here and I miss you all when I am absent.  So I am "flowing" there too!

I hope your New Year's Day is wonderful, filled with activity or non-activity as the case may be.  I congratulate those that began their New Year with a fiance, those that got back together over the Holiday, and those that blissfully remained united as the Holiday rang in.  My hope for 2010 remains.  I wish simply to Flow!

God Bless!
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