Monday, January 18, 2010

A companion to fill the void

For those of you who were with me when I lost my Jewel, it was a very tough time around here.  There are still nights that Boy has very sad feelings over her loss.  There are actually still times that I look for Jewel.  I see border collies around the ranch and do double takes.  She was really an incredible dog friend.

It has been almost 3 months and we are healing rather nicely.  Especially since Pogo has slipped into our routine like he was meant to be here.  (And after finding out that his birthday is the same day as mine, he was absolutely meant to be here!)

Pogo loves ranch life and is seldom out of sight for long.  He loves his housemate, Kitty the wonder dog (a Pembroke Welsh Corgi), and is certain that given enough time she will devote herself to him as he has to her...  Kitty, not so much! She thinks Pogo is just too much of a girlie-man for her...  Snotty, but true.

Pogo, when in the house, and not galavanting around the ranch like the rest of the pack, spends alot of time looking more like a cat.  He rests on the back of the couch or nested nicely in the comforter on my bed.  He is spoiled that way and makes me smile from my heart when I see him!

He is a Mr. Barkerson...  Barks at just about every loud noise.  We are a loud family and this can get a bit much.  Does it change the fact that we are all just over-the-top-in-love with him (well, Husband may disagree with that statement...)?  Not really.  He does tricks for his treats and is generally well behaved.  He simply "talks"... ALOT.  You can see it in his face... "HEY!  Someone is here!  Did you hear that?  I want to go see, let's go see together!  Why aren't you moving?  Don't you hear that?  They are here!  Let's see who the "they" are!"  He wants us to go check it out... He is completely baffled when we don't.

And personality?  OMGoodness!  This dog is loaded with it!  He harumphs when he doesn't get his way, he sniffs-sneezes when he wants something, and he runs around like a crazy man when he is excited.  He can "go get (his) bunny" on command and chews it around until he finds the squeeky part to squeek, squeek, squeek.  This is the toy he picked out of the bin at the store all by himself.  He LOVES his bunny!  And even though he has torn the top of Bun open, he is very careful not to destroy the squeeker.  He will play ball and loudly bark out his delight as he careens down the hallway to fetch it back to you.  Bun, however, is not for fetch, Bun is for keep-away!  That is another fun and delightful game....

I have gone on long enough about another zoo member... I hope I haven't bored you to death.  But I thought you all might like to know that though Jewel's passing was hard on us, it was eased by Pogo's coming in.  We are in respite from tragedy and hope to live out our days with dogs friends like these.

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  1. Only a devoted mother could have written this, so glad you have one that sits on the back of the couch too!!!!


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