Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I cannot live without my computer... REALLY! I would die!

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My computer is alot of things to me.  It is a friendly face (depending on what I put on the front screen...) in the morning, waiting to open up onto worlds that entertain, educate and interest me.  It asks very little of me, with the exception of some minor clean up every now and then and an occasional wipe down from grubby fingers.

I have a purple computer.  (Did you doubt that would be true?)  I am a PC, not a Mac.  I am a Dell, not an HP.  I am Windows not Linux.  I use my computer as a social tool (not Facebook or MySpace but Blogger and Twitter), I use it to work, to play and to communicate.  I have always loved computers and the worlds they open up to us rural folks, as a whole.  I am very much unlike my husband who is absolutely NOT a technophile.  (Yes, he still chants, "Rotary phones and typewriters...  Why can't we all go back to rotary phones and typewriters???")  I love the feel of the clicky keys on my full size keyboard at the barn computer, I lament the cramped keyboard on the feed store computer and I relish the smoothness and adeptness with which my laptop (the purple one) sends letters forming words onto my screen.

I have gone without a computer for very short stints.  It makes me crazy.  Not actually insane, but fairly certain that I am missing something important.  I hate that.  When a recent acquaintance made the off hand remark that laptops would soon be obsolete and give way to the ever increasing smart phones, I blanched just a little.  I love my smart phone - Don't get me wrong.  But there is something about my computer that is just so comforting.  I like being able to see everything on the screen at once.  (Maybe that is in part due to the fact that my eyes are rebelling against me and I have to wear the biggie glasses more and more...)  I like the sound of the keys clicking along as I type in the early morning hours.  I like the glow of the screen on my face....  I just plain, like my computers.

For a myriad of reasons, I would fail to exist if I didn't have my computer!
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