Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And Last, but definitely not Least...

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There are certain things about me that are undeniable.  Things that I sometimes cringe about, things I am proud of, things that I would rather no one know.  But this thing... This is something that I am fairly open about.

I try (sometimes failing miserably) to open my day up each morning with at least 5 minutes of quiet reflection from my Bible.  Sometimes I fail.  Sometimes it is days and even weeks without cracking open my Bible's cover.  Those tend to be very bad days and weeks.  My Bible keeps me centered.  It keeps me in the Flow, if you will.

I am not perfect.  Never plan to be or want to be.  I leave that little tidbit up to the big J.  I am simply a Christ follower who follows and sometimes wanders and certainly fails - alot.  I love that being a Christian doesn't mean I have to be perfect.  I just have to know that all the mistakes I make and the rotten choices I choose are forgiven.  That is why I couldn't live for very long without my Bible.

I love this book that is filled to the brim with some of the most colorful, "sinful" and broken characters ever known!  I love that I fit in these pages with all those corrupt and sometimes well-meaning folks.  I don't hope to ever understand all the stories and concepts in these pages.  I just hope to always be allowed to open it's binding and glean from it what I will. I cannot live without my Bible.


There... That seals it.  Those are the things that I cannot live without.  Some of them are whimsical.  Some direly serious.  Some from the very pit of my heart...  Have a wonderful day!
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