Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Husband is the Bomb!

In the land of men, my husband rocks!  Just got home from the Dodge Invitational Freestyle Reining (that's where they ride horses to music and they slide and spin) where Man of Mine took the grand prize!!!!!  SaWeet!  He so rocks!

The horse he rode is incredible, the owner is a doll and a wonderful client and I am just so incredibly blessed!  He rode to the song, "In Color," by Jamey Johnson and rode Houston Shine.  He has been blessed to be able to ride this particular horse all year and do very well on him.  As a bonus, the owner (Hi Sheryl!) also rode to great accomplishment this year and last year.  This horse is such an incredible individual!  What a good night!

And my Man comes home tonight!  Wahoooooo!  I will no longer be a show-widow!  Yessss!

Have a wonderful night... Just thought I would brag a little.  Ok! ALOT!

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