Thursday, January 7, 2010

Humming and other comforting habits of mine...

Some days just hum along don't they?  Some days are just easy and focused, gliding along the track like a well oiled machine or one of those intricate marble tracks that have the metal and the teeter-totters and they seem to go on effortlessly. 

Some days are meant to bolster us up for those other kind of days.  Days we won't mention here.  Days we argue with people close to us.  Days we end up on the bathroom floor in a little ball.  Days we really wish we could just erase and start over... Mulligan!  O, if we could shout that and do it over again!

Ain't he just the cutest? Looks like my back yard right now! Brrrr!

Today was a good day.  (My mojo is still galavanting about the universe somewhere, undoubtably drinking too much and eating whatever it wants, flirting unabashedly and wearing its skinny jeans...)  But I was whole and productive today, despite unexpected guests in the barn that came and went, leaving behind only an unexpected reparation that still has me smiling.  Today was lovely, despite the fact that it barely got into the single digits as the high temperature.  Today I felt like what I did mattered, and that just ROCKED!

I was super productive in the office, ticking things off my to-do list and getting it DONE.  I didn't take lunch until about 3pm, but that was even kind of cool since, when I returned to the house to eat quickly before the kids' bus arrived, I found my new floor scrubber on the front porch.  All the free solutions were, of course, frozen solid, but I didn't care!  I got it out of the box, put it together and happily scrubbed my floors!  It was the most fun I have had cleaning since...  Well, ever!  I even tried the grout brush... The little hand held one works great - The ones on the big machine? Eh...   But the regular floor brushes are spot on!  Or is it spot off?  Thanks to my mother who recommended I give it a try.

One can only hope that the FLOW will continue to bouy me until my precious Mojo returns her ragged, red-head back to her own droopy body.

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