Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yup... It's definitely the flow...

My New Years day was perfect.  Nothing special. Just perfect. I spent it hanging out with the kids, playing Wii (yes, I'm sore), taking a bath, playing with my phone (still in Droid-Induced-Heaven), and reading a very good book by Francine Rivers.  Hubby was in and then back out again, running to his show up the hill in Denver. He is dreadfully sick, but I loaded him down with meds and oils and we are hoping for the best... Pogo got a bath and a little bit of a hair cut (don't ask). He smells much better when we cuddle now.  Like I said, perfect.

Yesterday was a close second as I got some time with a friend that has been incredibly busy.  She is studying for her Masters and the nut decided to take two classes on top of a very full work schedule.  One of the few times I did not admire her endeavor! Made my life look sane and orderly...  Ha ha!

Hubby made it home last night for a day.  He will be working, but that is fine.  I am happy to have had a good night's sleep with his weight in bed beside me.  It makes for deep sleep and less bumps I hear in the night. Bliss.

I have a few things planned for my day that are work related, but mostly I am planning on spending it with Boy.  Girl is with a friend, so Boy and I will  be able to shop together...  I look forward to it.  He gets little time alone with Mom...  Since we are so similar, I enjoy him immensly. (Man, I miss the spell check...  Damned Google!) We giggle, we laugh, he rolls his eyes at me, I sing silly songs and make up Transformer names that could be me in disguise.  It is a good day I have planned.

With the crack of Monday coming, I look forward to blogging about my last "Things I Cannot Live Without."  See you then!

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