Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Loss of One's Very Important Mojo

That's right, I said it right out loud.  Ever feel that way?  Like a hack, a wannabe?  Like suddenly the door will resound with pounding and standing there on your front stoop will be a dude who is shaking his head, telling you, "Don't know how you fooled them for this long, but pack your crap!  It's time to go!"

I have been feeling this way for far too long.  I must resume the quest for my very important mojo....  I lost it somewhere between the Bucket List and Christmas.  Must have fallen between the seats, although I have turned my round rump upside down, grunting and clawing blindly in the dark to absolutely no avail whatsoever.  My mojo is missing.

If you would help me find it I would be so very grateful.  It is unassuming, yet alarming.  It is small but can fill a room full with very little effort.  It is loud and boisterous and the absolute life of the party and I cannot seem to locate it anywhere! It is very important that I find it soon.  It cannot live without me, after all it is mine and I am its...  Ahem...  I think it is hiding from me on purpose!

1 comment:

  1. I know where your mojo went ... I got it! LOVING the beginning of this new year and am really happy! Want me to share???? Name the date for lunch at our fav place in Franktown! Love ya girl! Chris


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