Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bucket List Item #17: Have a garden

Railroad ties? check! Desire? Check! Dirt? um... hold on... Flowers? wait a sec... Checking... Vegetables? Doggone it! Stop that!

Yeah... I have this wild dream that someday, not too far in the future, I hope, I will have a garden. I do have the railroad ties that I want to delineate the boundaries of this wonderland that has eluded me for so many years. They are sitting in a pile in the turnabout on the north end of the house. A heap, really. Sitting there since Hubby, irritated with my ability to schedule his days off for him, chucked them off the back of the truck and stalked off to pout over losing hours of relaxation on the couch. They are, of course, way too heavy for me to move from there. After the reaction I got when we went to cart home these treasures, I have not had the courage to ask him to help me move them into place.

I have called about purchasing topsoil. It is a mere $12/ton. Very affordable. But then there is the loading it into the truck at the rock yard and getting it home and unloading it into the beds...

Have you met the Procrastinatrix? Yeah... She is very alive and well in this little Item! But I will not be denied! If it is the last thing I do this season, I will at least get the ties moved into place so that I can get a good start on the beds next year.

I want to have a garden.


  1. I love gardening but my hubby doesn't which means the responsibility of maintaining it is mostly up to me although hubby helps when he can. I knew that when I started so that's fine with me.Very few men enjoy gardening, particularly flower gardens. I think they think of them just as extra work and if you can't eat it, it's pointless to grow. My advice is, unless you have the time to put into caring for the garden and really love doing it, that you should start out very small. There is a lot of work involved to keep them looking good and if hubby gets stuck with doing the bulk of the work to have something he doesn't care two hoots about, he ain't gonna be a happy camper.

    Start small and work your way up from there. It might help if you make room for some tomato and cucumber plants with your flowers.
    The way to a man's practical little heart is through his stomach. He might be more obliging then.

  2. I'm rooting for you! (Oh, bad pun, totally not intended!)

    I'm working on my backyard right now. Starting from dirt last Friday we now have more dirt (yeah, I added some, the original dirt sucked) and the paver edging and a sandbox that needs to be filled with sand. Hopefully I'll get the sand done and the sod down this week.


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