Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I cannot cope without Sunshine!

Ah, yes... You guessed it! Winter is beginning to show it's grey bearded face around these parts! I don't know for how long, but it is enough to have me weepy and dreading the "hard" winter predicted in Colorado. There is an inconvenient truth in Colorado... We have only two seasons, cold and not cold. There will be no fall, no gently warming spring. There is only Cold and Not Cold. Furnace On, Furnace Off. Coat or No Coat. And so, in these darkening days, I struggle with the lack of Sunshine.

I think there are probably times I suffer with that S.A.D.-stuff. You know? The disorder that has to do with seasonal changes and the lack of sunny weather? I just can't stand it! I love the sunshine. Even more when it is missing from my part of the world. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all that jazz...

I just love sunsets and sunrises. I enjoy the feeling of sunshine on my face and despite the utter lack of tanning ability, I revel in summer clothes and summer-like destinations. Part of the reason that I so look forward to Hubby's trip the Vegas every February/March. It rejuvenates me!
I cannot live without sunshine!


  1. Stacey, where in Colorado are you? I'm in SW Colorado, but recently moved from Castle Rock (front range). I heard it snowed already on the east slope. It's too early. I soooo get what you are talking about. I'm working through my dread of the "dark months" too. I know I get SAD. I buy the purple light bulbs and make myself go outside when its warm. Sunbathe my face whenever I can. We probably are Vitamin D deficient...If I find any other tricks for surviving the lack of sun, I'll let you know.

  2. Sounds like Alberta Canada where I am. We are retired so we go south to Yuma Arizona for the winter. 6 months of sunshine. I think snow is pretty but only on a postcard. I can certainly live without it. Right now we are having an unusually warm fall. That kind of weather is very rare here!

  3. Debra: I live just south of Castle Rock, as a matter of fact! Nice to hear from a "local" (or once local) gal! :)Purple bulbs? Maybe that is why I am drawn to that color all the way around!
    Delena: 6 months of sunshine??? Wow! We have a 70 acre horse ranch that my husband refers to as Paradise... Don't think moving is in the cards! LOL! But that is nice to think about!


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