Monday, September 21, 2009

And it begins....

Hello there... Yes, I am back. Still a bit weepy, but back, none the less. Jewell would be proud of me for moving on as I am sure she scarcely looked back when the beauty of the light called her home.... OK. Won't go there.

The last I wrote, I was going to start a new project. I think I settled on "Things I simply cannot live without," or something of the sort. So today, I am starting that and hoping that I don't simply bore you all to tears! (And if I do, there is that thingy that helps you remove me from your follow list... I'll try not to cry about your departure!)

I cannot live without laughter. Really. I realize that I have been morose and rather detached lately. It isn't really who I am. I LOVE to laugh. Those big, gut wrenching, breath stealing, tears streaming down your face guffaws that leave you spent in a heap when you finally regain your senses. I revel in laughter like that!

Hubby loves to laugh as well. He finds Larry the Cable Guy hilarious. (me? not quite as much...) I laugh at Hubby when he gets to laughing at Larry because he is simply so caught up in the moment that he turns this lovely shade of crimson and cannot catch his breath from laughing so hard. That cracks me up! Unless of course this particular event happens while Hubby is listening to Sirius radio in the car and Larry comes on... That can be a dangerous ride! I do not laugh then!

I love to laugh with my kids... They are hilarious at times! Their humor can be timely, subtle, toilet in nature and silly. Hearing them laugh is the most joyous sound I can think to have tinkling around in my tympanic. Just last Saturday, after watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, my daughter commented that that was 2 hours she will never get back... Cracked me up!

Boy can be seriously hilarious in his own right as well. When he was a mere two years old, he stomped authoritatively into my bedroom one Sunday morning while Hubby and I were still lounging in bed, enjoying the morning together. With his blankie slung over his shoulder and his pillow under his arm he announced he was ready for me to get out of bed and get him his cereal, NOW! Startled as I was, Hubby jumped to my defense and instructed Boy to spit in one hand and hope for breakfast in the other and see which one filled up first with that attitude. Boy paused at the doorway to our bedroom (as he clearly figured his demands would be met with no resistance what so ever), looked incredulously over his shoulder at his father and snorted, "What-EVER!" I thought I would roll out of bed laughing! (After Boy left the room, of course, so as not to teach him to be disrespectful. Look at that! I hear you laughing already!!!!!)

I think laughter can make things that are hard easier. For example, my lovely and recently departed dog, Jewel gave me the opportunity to laugh just before her death with the photo below. She just always loved her pillows and slept in any way she found comfortable at the time. This picture will be treasured for the laughter it brings me in a time of melancholy and longing.

It is much the same with human-type-folks that have passed on as well. I love the traditions of honoring our dead with wakes and celebrations that allow us to tell stories of those gone on that often evoke laughter and smiles. It is in this way that I hope to be remembered myself. I want people to gather to remember my laughter, remember what made me laugh and how I made them laugh. I want to leave laughter along with love when I go.

What makes you laugh?

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