Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesdays

Read about this on the Fragrant Muse's blog... I just love you Liz! You inspire me to think outside my own little box and keep stretching!

Wishcasting for Sept 3... What do I wish to begin?

I wish to begin the healing process with a dead relationship. I am struggling over this. I want the person to be sorry. I want them to feel bad about what they did. They don't. But God is asking me to forgive and to heal.

I wish to begin my garden. (September is either really late for beginning this, or very early - I choose to think of it as early!)

I wish to begin really writing. Every day. Wait... I'm doing that!

I wish to begin gathering items to bring to my new niece... Isn't that a fun prospect?

I wish to begin inventing a machine that gives us all just a little more time! I know I would buy two!

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  1. Stacey, I'm just now catching up on many posts and this one is lovely. Your wish list is magnificent and I'm delighted you're playing along. I can't wait to see what Jamie poses for us tomorrow! I amazed how you really do keep stretching yourself in your writing! Your 30 secrets and your bucket list are inspiring to ME~! Keep on writing just like you are, its good reading.


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