Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bucket List Item #19: Chinese Pug

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In lieu of all that is happening with Jewel, this almost feels like a betrayal... But it was on my list and I really do want to see it happen. Just not at the expense of my long time friend. I am sure she would understand, being the generous soul that she is...

I love little scrunched up, smooshed faces. The sweet sound of snoring that isn't Hubby's. The softness of their muzzles. The character in their little bug eyes.

When I was a kid, my mom had a Chinese pug we called Maxine. (Now that name brings to mind the grouchy cartoon lady...) She was just the most incredible dog. I loved her and she was funny and snorty and the most loving ball of fatness! We had to move and one night, in the process, she got lost. (I have absolutely no idea how, as I was pretty young.) Heartbreak ensued, but there simply was nothing that could be done about it. Years later and at least two moves later, Maxine showed back up at our door! Snorty and excited and completely responding to her name like she had never left! It was amazing! (Mom, if this is not how it went and there is something you feel you should tell me - DON'T! I want to live thinking this was how it went! LOL!)

Since then, I have wanted one of these amazing dogs. I want to experience what it is like to have a "lap" dog. We always have dogs, but they are larger breeds for working on the ranch. Aussies, Border Collies, and yes - Corgi's. I love my dogs. They have been incredible companions and they are so smart and helpful in what we do. But they are not allowed on the couch and they are not interested in sitting in my lap and getting loves. In fact, if you try to pick Miss Kitty up (she is our Pembroke Welsh Corgi), she will break into her impression of a Tasmanian Devil and threaten to tear your arm off... Not exactly cuddly!

Hubby is vehemently against this idea. Mostly, I am sure, because he doesn't want the dog to end up a pancake on the barn floor from being underfoot. Horses move fairly fast and that can be a detriment for a fat little pug-lette. Still, I want one.

I want a Chinese Pug puppy.
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  1. Oh lap dogs are the best I wouldn't be without my little shitties and hubby loved to cuddle with them too!

  2. ah yes! Hubby sees them as a detriment. Mostly due to the nature of our ranch, not necessarily because of the dogs themselves! My sis in law has a little mini-Schnauzer that he loves. He actually let her sleep on the bed one night when she was left behind. He kept waking up and telling me to move over and not to squash the dog!!! I have a feeling I will get my way, just might take a few tears and some heart-string pulling! :P

  3. I have a pug named Sassy. She is the love of my life and a constant companion. She is there in the massage room with me all day and sometimes even on the table with the clients. She is a great travel dog and loves to go in the car. They love her at the bank and when I go inside she comes right along next to me. She is eight and slowing down a bit these days but still as lovable and cuddly as ever. She sleeps squished right up against my side. If you get a pug, you will not regret it. They are made for love.


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