Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesdays

Hmmmm.... What luxury do I wish for???

I don't know. I have the spanky new car... I live on a horse ranch... I eat regularly... A luxury?

Ok. Let's define luxury.
  • -great comfort: expensive high-quality surroundings, and the great comfort that they provide
  • - nonessential item: an item that is desirable but not essential, and often expensive or hard to get
  • - pleasurable self-indulgent activity: an activity that gives great pleasure, especially one only rarely indulged in

Hmmmm. That gives me no help.

A great comfort? I would love to have a new pup. I think I would find that comforting. And the price tag is rather large these days for one of those! The latest is a little boy Boston Terrier named Sterling for $1200. Hubby has no idea. He knows I may have found a pup, he DOES NOT KNOW HOW MUCH! So no telling him and getting his fur all fluffed up. I don't even know if I am ready for this adventure as yet... I think he would qualify as a luxury in those terms.

A non-essential item? How about a hot-tub? Oh wait! We have one! Hubby just hasn't made me a "FLAT-SPOT" to install it on! I guess that makes it a non-essential item, doesn't it? It is rapidly becoming a planter in our back yard! (Another one of those "free" items that you hope isn't going to become an eyesore... Ahem. Good luck with that!)

Pleasureable Self-Indulgent Activity? That is relatively easy... I would truly love to make it back to Jamaica for a week's vacation with the Man. We so seldom get to enjoy eachother, it truly feels luxurious when it happens...


  1. you could get a pup from a shelter or rescue (they even have pure breeds, you'll just have to dig a little). that way you'd be making a homeless dogs wishcasting wednesday come true...

  2. Bambi - I would love to rescue a pup! My mom volunteers for the Mill Dog Rescue. Unfortunately, I have no fenced back yard that passes inspection! I have 70 acres and my fences are not coyote proof or mountain lion proof... This means no in the eyes of rescue. And with Hubby's to-do list... Ain't happening!

  3. Oh man, you've got so many of the toys I want! Boston terriers are a riot! Similar to pugs and loads of fun. Lower maintenance than a border collie.

    As Stacey wishes for herself, so I lovingly and fragrantly wish for her as well!

  4. You gotta get the dog. Tell him the pup was half priced ;-)


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