Friday, July 2, 2010

Unstructured Randomness - Again

Yup...  Here I go again...  Not conforming to Tuesday or Friday or what have you.

:-: I love watching the birds at the feeders.  It just makes me smile and feel like the hostess with the mostest!  Even the birdies agree! I love the songs they sing and the colors...  Red winged black birds and finches!  The finches have finally come!!!  As I sit here and type, I have four of the lovely colorful buggers feeding right now! Gorgeous!

:-: I do not appreciate the way the deer are now helping themselves to the bird feeders, under cover of darkness, of course.  They have now bent the pole and it is listing sideways in a rather alarming manner!  I don't mind sharing the seed - I understand from the singing and squawking that is is quite delectable.  Just don't ruin my flimsy pole! And please quit abusing the feeders so much that you dump the seed out on the ground...

:-:  Have been considering a sneaky paint attack...  One of those clandestine moments in which you garner the help of an equally sneaky friend and paint a room the color you want without asking permission or help from the man.  I know what I want, and it is rather dramatic - although also very popular in home decor right now, and I know that Man will not necessarily hop right on board.  I might just get it done - Or I might just chicken out!

:-:  Took me three days, but I am rid of June's billing!  I hate June on many levels, but this one was particularly vexing.  After 5 horse shows, unraveling the mess that was the billing became a larger than life task.  I only hope that we can make it through the next few months.  It looks a little grim on the business front.

:-:  I am on the last chapter of my book endeavor.  I think this last chapter is particularly hard because I am right in the middle of living it.  I think it is also hard because I seem to be mourning the process and feeling like it is coming to a close.  When I was young and finished a book I was reading, I would sometimes cry when it was over.  Really good books do that to you, they leave an empty space inside you where their characters used to live.  With my own writing, it feels slightly similar.  I love what God is doing with it and I am loathe to stop...

:-:  I am finally ready to give the house a very good cleaning...  I have been in a funk as of late and my house has suffered for it.  There isn't one room that is company approved and that is about to end, my friends!  Today I shop for food, tomorrow I CLEAN!!!

:-:  I have noticed that my blog reading has narrowed to a few folks I can relate to.  Oh, I still have those ethereal blogs in my read list, they just don't hold sway the way they used to.  I don't have desire to read them much.  Maybe I will delete them from my list, but probably not.  I never know when the photography alone might just catch my eye.

:-:  The sound of running horses is the most exhilarating sound I know.  It strikes in me a chord of fearful excitement mixed with awe at the beauty of their physique.  There just isn't anything as beautiful to me as a running, powerful horse.

:-:  A week away has drug my little flower garden into the land of weeds.  Ugh.  I now have about two hours work getting the sprouted grass and dandelions yanked back out of there.  I will enjoy it, I am sure, but I do look at it with a bit of chagrin.  I wanted the garden, I hate weeding with a blazing passion!

:-:  One of my bloggy friends has reminded me that my cutting remarks, though often not heard by others, are still not the right way to respond.  I have learned this lesson before, but I know I have allowed old habits to creep back in and set up shop.  Thanks, Ally, for being real and sharing something that I needed a reminder of...

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