Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In which she rambles on about nothing in order to avoid billing... AGAIN!

Actually, in my defense, I sat down here to do the prelims on my monthly billing and my thumb drive didn't have the current copy of the billing on it!  So truly, I tried...  Albeit, not too hard.  So instead, I am blogging. I'll take what I can get at this point.

The Colorado skies have been wonderfully beautiful again, mingling the most amazing clouds with a clear blue sky that is simply unbelievable!  Days have been bright and hot with afternoon showers that have my hayfield popping with what looks hopeful in the way of getting more to bale and put up for the season...  I am impressed!

I am fighting the urge to reopen my Face Book account...  Does anyone out there NOT have a Face Book account?  And how many of you actually like it?  Seriously.  I feel left out.  I am such a dork, though...  I just know something stupid will go on and I will get my feelings all squashed and be butt-hurt (as our Assistant Trainer says) over nothing at all.  It's like being an addict... Once you get clean, you just know you can't go back.  There is no "little bit" of Face Book!  I should just stay out.  Spud!  Help me out here - Tell me it's a waste of time!  Tell me I don't want to do it...  (resumes normal breathing, straightens shirt and attempts typing something more intelligent...)

Man is talking me into going to Durango soon.  I vowed not to go since he poo-pooed my desires to have our first and probably our only family vacation in Montana at a wonderful resort.  "We have mountains here," he says...  P-shaaaaw!  So when his attempt at a compromise included, "And I can work at a clinic as well!" I was not interested.  Why is it Man cannot understand that a vacation should not include the very horses that keep you tied to your home in the first place?  Why must I continue to explain that vacation means a trip out of the ordinary?  But he wants to take the kids... And I do want to go see Durango.  Haven't ever been.  So I guess I will swallow my pride and my irritation, and go anyway.  But I will only secretly enjoy it, so there!

Have enjoyed a wonderful couple of days with just Girl and me...  We mesh, we two.  Boys are good, and necessary, and have merit most days.  But us Girls, we just rock! 

I have been avoiding work long enough...  Have some new projects coming.  I often think about things I did as a kid.  I believe parenting does that to you.  You watch your own playing at what they will and you remember being in that wonderful place as a kid where you could while away the days inside your own imagination.  I started trying to remember those things that made an impression on me, those things that I truly enjoyed doing as a kid.  I plan on sharing those in hopes that some of you will join in.  Tell me what you loved about being a kid where you were, some great memories that you treasure from your youth.  Family trips, good friends, past times that kept you busy...  I will show you mine if you show me yours! (tsk, tsk!  Keep it clean!)

And now I must sign off...  Billing has to be done tomorrow! I plan on celebrating with wine... 7 Deadly Zins to be exact!  Pop in for a glass...  I'm always open for guests!

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  1. Facebook is a complete and total unproductive waste of time. That being said, I will tell you that I could not live without it. LOL But, I have pretty thick skin and as a rule, don't take anything too seriously on facebook. If you decide to reopen your account let me know and we can be friends. :)

    Oh, I was just thinking about what I enjoyed playing as a kid, too. I remember playing for hours and hours by myself and reading a lot, too. I swear I can't remember ever being bored. I was telling my kids this a few days ago. We had to have a discussion about how they need to stop expecting to be entertained all the time. GO PLAY!

    Have a great vacation! I think it's fun just to get away and do SOMETHING, ANYTHING out of the ordinary, no matter where you actually go!


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