Saturday, July 17, 2010


Sometimes it takes a friend to tell you you're being silly, over reactive, and stubborn

Sometimes splurging on crab legs brings out the best complements from the Man

Sometimes listening to others is our own best therapy

Sometimes sending the kids with Gramma makes you appreciate them more

Sometimes the best thing in the world is the sound of a buzzing fan

Sometimes you realize you were wrong and it makes you laugh, instead of cry

Sometimes you round a corner in the road and thank the Lord you don't own cattle

Sometimes you realize the plans you had aren't as important as the plans that spring up in spite of them

Sometimes the worst scenario isn't all that bad

Sometimes it takes losing to remember how sweet winning is

Sometimes the loss that you are feeling at the moment will fade before you can remember what it was you lost in the first place (did that even make sense?)

Sometimes the best dinner is a bottle of wine, wedges of cheese oddities, a bowl of hummus, crackers and the haphazard grape shared with the Man

Sometimes people leave and you hardly notice they're gone

Sometimes getting your to-do list done isn't so important

Sometimes you just want your Mom

Sometimes doing for others is our own best resource

Sometimes silence is the most desirable sound

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