Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ten Aromatic Pleasures...

Thanks, Liz!  I wanted to post, but couldn't think of anything relevant...  In this summer air, your post just hit the spot!

Ten lovely scents that send me to my happy place:
  1. Oranges: Always transports me back to my childhood and rummaging through Granpa's lunch box while perched atop the counters in Gram's kitchen.
  2. Peppermint:  Fresh, clean, energizing and the smell of Christmas, my favorite holiday (besides my birthday).  Mixed with hot chocolate it is absolute bliss!
  3. The nape of both children's necks...  There is just something about it that never changes.  From the time they were babies to now, I love the way my kids smell - Well, mostly!
  4. My husband's jackets: A combination of the scent that is him, horses, earth and sundry veterinary applications.  It reminds me why I fell in love with him...
  5. Pine: The smell of fires outdoors, cozy fires inside, a warm all around feeling of family and comfort.
  6. My only perfume "Design".  It was the only perfume I had when we got married and the only one I took with me on our honeymoon.  That light and flowery scent with a hint of citrus will transport me back to days when my tummy was flat and my love was new.
  7. Fresh baked bread.  Funny that someone with Gluten intolerance is drawn to the one thing she cannot have...  OK, not so much funny as tragic!  But I still get to bake Gluten Free bread.
  8. Puppy Breath.  It is all together the best smell ever!  I love the way they smell just a bit like wild onion. In their exuberance to greet you, puppy breath means you got the best of their love, all at once!
  9. Cut grass.  Even though it often sends me into a sneezing, allergic attack, the smell of cut grass is a wonderful reminder that it isn't snowing!
  10. Peaches.  Don't know why, but it instantly makes me smile!  I have no specific memories, but a box of fresh peaches from the local nursery will have me breathing deeply over it's contents for minutes at a time.
Thanks Muse for the "muse"!  It made me think...  And now I'm smiling!

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  1. I could do without the puppy breath, I think :P but I love love love cut grass, too! My all-time fave scent is GRAPEFRUIT. I love it!!!


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