Thursday, February 25, 2010

When your kids grow up faster than you do

:: When did my kids learn how to be such good friends?  They know what to look for in a friend, they can recognize selfish friends, and they are very understanding of those who have "issues".  Where did they learn that?  It certainly wasn't from me!

:: How did my kids decide that they don't have want to follow the crowd?  I was the kid who always wanted button fly Levis because everyone else had them...  I don't have kids like that.  Mine could care less if they go to school in high-waters or hand me down tennis shoes.  They have so much more heart than I did at their age.

:: When did the kids I gave birth to become such caring little people?  They are concious of another's feelings more often than they do what they want.  They fret over hurting a friend's feelings when they are faced with choices for birthdays, outings and small gifts.  They just seem to get it so much faster!

:: Why can my children greet and send off their Dad with so much more understanding than I do?  I am the one with the sour attitude, while they wave and kiss and hug and welcome with big hugs.  I should be the one to understand and be explaining why Dad works so much and is gone alot...  They are so very, very cool that way.

::  My children are so wonderful and attentive, they are both my caretakers and my example.  They love me and I love them.  I am so very proud that they are turning out to be such wonderful kiddos - And obviously I pray that that will move into their adulthood as well!

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