Thursday, February 11, 2010

Counting down...

It's that time of year again...  We are under the push to get out the door!  We are headed to Vegas for a long weekend together, Husband and I...  I am at once excited, frazzled, amazed, and energized.  It will be a wonderful time to have him all to myself.  No one calling on the phone, dividing his attentions.  I will have a wonderful surprise for him on his birthday and reservations are made at a very nice restaurant for Valentines Day.  It will be wonderful...

Right now?  Um... Well, right now I am making myself crazy by trying to get all the laundry done!  Bleh!  And kids need packed, and I need to find the suitcases that fit on the plane, because checking bags is ridiculous, and I should figure out what to do for the dogs...  I have a few loose ends to tie up for monies while we are gone...  The house isn't as clean as I would like it, but isn't that just a normal state of being with two pre-teens?  All in all we are counting down...

I will realize tomorrow am as I am buckled in the car that it all is behind me and I can relax into being just a wife for four days.  Until then, it is all ahead of me and I am really certain that I may have to have my gall bladder out when I get back... The symptoms are all there!  And it would be fabulous to feel better!

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  1. When is his birthday???? you must be married to a terrific person if he's an Aquarius!!!!
    Have fun and RELAX woman.. I know easier said than done. Hubs wants to take me to Vegas but I'm afraid!!! I don't know why?


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