Monday, February 8, 2010

It is snowing again....

I love the calm quiet way the snow is falling this morning...  It makes clarity a little less of an illusion and more of a seeming reality.  I stop and look and watch as single flakes float slowly down to the ground, gathering together as if arriving at a party... 

I love snow.  Always have.  I have, in my adultness, not relished driving in it, or working in it, or having to worry about my children being driven in it...  But I love snow.  I love the quiet it brings with it.  A hush is always just around a snowy corner, and I love that!  I love crunching through fresh flakes to simply stand, head tilted back, mouth open and tasting the freshness of it.  It makes me feel very young again, fresh and undisturbed.

I often wonder what it would be like to live somewhere that snow is not a part of the scenery or seasons.  My sister does.  She lives in Louisianna and is absolutely in love with the climate there.  I enjoy the difference in what constitues "cold", but I truly love snow.  I would miss it, I have concluded.
As an aside, Yay!  So glad the Saints got their time in the spotlight!  What a great game!  Usually things are such a blowout!  I really enjoyed it...  And knowing my Brother-in-Law was going crazy in New Orleans was just a blessing and a half!  To topit all off, I got a picture of the newest Saint's cheerleader!

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