Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ah yea... Vegas SO rocks!

OK!  I am so very, very glad to be home, but still...  I had a blast with Husband!!!  And guess what?  I didn't suck at poker this time!  (Not until the last day, anyway!) All told, he ended up third in a poker tournament and I won $167 on a silly old slot machine - Go figure!!!

We had a wonderful room, with a view to die for!  (Isn't this a lovely property?)  Shane found the hotel and did all the research, even checking out the spa amenities to make sure I would be well cared for... He did not disappoint!  It was lovely, the spa was very nice (I find most spas rather creepy, but that is just me...), and if I had brought a swim suit (not likely!), I would have loved to have sat in the sun by the pool.

The view from our room...  That is a vineyard in the foreground...  Sandy-bottomed pool in the back...

Shane has a birthday on the 13th of February...  So if we stay home, he kind of gets gyped out of a day that is truly his own.  I love that we have time together and I can be attentive to him and cater to what he wants to do.  What he wanted to do this year was play cards until his eyes bugged out! And that was exactly what we did.  I had plans that fell through, but that is of little consequence.  We had friends who sent him strawberries (the size of my palm, mind you!), champaign and vanilla custard...  YUMMY!!!!

All in all, it was Fab-boo!  And to top it off, the hotel was largely purple!

(So the carpet was a bit strange...  Eh!)

What a lovely time!

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