Saturday, February 6, 2010

Looking forward to....

*  Time alone with my husband to be just us.
*  Dinners that don't involve chicken strips or take home boxes
*  Meeting new neighbors over dinner and drinks
*  Simplifying my schedule, my life and my friendships
*  Super Bowl Sunday, knowing my sister and brother in law are cheering like crazy for the Saints!
*  Food... All the glorious food!
*  Feeling more physically sound
*  Mom-time
*  Fresh sheets
*  Paying the first tax installment... On time!
*  New horses in the barn
*  Catching up with new trainers-wife-friend
*  Watching husband truly enjoy himself on his birthday

Just some quick thoughts because I know last time I sounded rather disjointed!  No worries!  I will be back in the swing after the relaunch of Shane's website next week and I get more of THE PROJECT done.  *sigh*  Feeling better already!

1 comment:

  1. You failed to mention Blogapalooza in there!!
    One day I'm gonna knock on your door and demand to ride horses!!!!!


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