Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finding relevance...

huh...  yeah...  I am still reeling from the latest email to hit the lovely Droid phone.  (Phone actually toots its own horn by bellowing "DDDRRROOOIIID!" when I get an email.  So cool!) Besides the worst picture of a redneck tatoo ever (thanks Tina-Tina! My eyes are still on fire!), I received an email from a gentleman that I met with yesterday.  I fumbled through the meeting stammering and stuttering and trying desperately to remember to look into his face, despite feeling like my hair may actually be on fire.  I was talking to him about a project that I needed some direction on.  I knew I was supposed to talk to him, but I like to keep my projects rather guarded...  I don't like putting out my pearls, despite the fact that sometimes they are supposed to be out there - Thus, the Compliance post earlier...  I realize that right now, I am making very little sense.  It is because I am not sure what form this project is supposed to take.  I don't know if it means another blog, a self published project, or what...  So don't hate me because I'm being vague. (That means you, McG!)

The email has me reeling because the man I met with didn't tell me I was an amateur hack. (He is a publisher with a large organization here in Colorado.) He didn't do a bunch of "editing" by using a large red sharpie marker and writing "Start over!" at the top, like I expected.  He had suggestions.  Ones I am taking into sincere consideration.  But he didn't leave me in a steaming, torn up heap on the floor.  He actually told me things I never thought I would read about me.  They are things I am embarrassed and reticent to share, lest I be held to a higher standard than I am ready for.  Let's just say he didn't think I stink!  (Ha ha ha!  He might if he reads that sentence!)

I will share more as I come to understand what it is I am to do with the products of this new project.  In this land of economic down turn, I am looking at probably starting a companion blog, maybe doing some self-funded publishing (since my name isn't King, Patterson, Rivers or Lucado I likely won't find a traditional publishing company to take a chance on me).

And now, back to our orignal programming...  Laundry on a Sunday! yay...

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