Tuesday, February 2, 2010


  • Why does God think it fun or maybe funny to pair two individuals who think nothing alike? Seriously... I'd like an answer to that one!

  • You know those "What I really meant to say" posts like this one here?  I have a few of those... Thinking them is about as close as I'll get, I'm afraid...

  • The next time life hands me lemons, I'm not making friggin lemonade!  I'm using the little bastards as grenades!

  • Do you need a get-away car to have a get-away?

  • How long is the mandatory jail time on robbing a bank? Does that constitute "taking a break"?

  • What actually preceeds checking oneself into a mental institution?  If it's talking to yourself or random freak-outs, I shoulda been gone a long time ago!

  • I love learning a new program that makes me look smart...

  • Getting the mail at our house is a cross between Christmas and a call from the IRS... (Think about that one!)

  • I looked up and my daughter is an amazing adult-like person. Not sure I like that!

  •  I wish I could find an oil that would be like bottled excitement... And one for eliminating procrastination...  And one to keep from killing those that irritate me...
Have a good day folks! I have to head off to the grocery store.... Pray for me!

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