Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When asked...

Compliant.  Not a word I would ever try to use to describe myself!  No where near it!  I grouse, I complain, I try to find any other way than that which I have been asked to do.  Sometimes, obedience takes me years...  Yes, I said it and it isn't an exaggeration.  It can take me years to obey.

If I have been absent from this bloggy place, it is because my grudging obedience has me elsewhere.  I am desperately trying to be compliant.  Mostly because I know what the consequences of being disobedient are, not because I am suddenly transformed into something or someone else.  I still have my Grudgy Greta attitude firmly in tact!

I miss blogging here because I can be that person I am so rarely afforded to be in my "regular" life.  (That statement makes me grin a little, because my life is hardly ordinary!  I mean, who of you out there can say that you make a living riding horses and traveling to horseshows?  Not many.  Although that part of the job is my husbands and mine is much more mundane...  Still, to actually make money at what is largely play is pretty cool!)  The person I have to be in our business life is not exactly who I am here, in the blogosphere.  I like it that way, and truth be told, it is necessary.  Not everyone would understand my sense of humor, though I think I am hilarious!  Shane remaining "un-mortified" is a primary goal of keeping my sometimes raw sense of humor in check.  Here, however, I can express myself and no one has to be the wiser!

So I guess my question to all of you is this: How do you react when you are asked to comply?  Do you jump right in or do you hesitate?  Do you take more time than needed to assess the situation because you feel inept or do you just trust that if asked, you must be equipped to complete the task?  Retorical questions, all (man! I miss Blogger's spell check!).  I have been contemplating these questions and the "why's" behind them, so I thought I would throw them out there to all of you to contemplate as well.  After all, misery loves company!

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