Monday, November 30, 2009

I can't live without my camera (Even if it is P&S)

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(Yeah, yeah, yeah... We have heard it all before, Stacey... You want a new camera. Blah, blah, blah! )

Seems a bit ridiculous that my new phone has a better camera on it than my actual camera, though. The camera is a 3.0 pixel and the phone camera is 5.0 - Ironic isn't it?

Regardless, I still love taking pictures and sharing them. I love making the yearly calendar that chronicles our clients and the horses they have. It shows them how well they have done from year to year and serves as a marker for times (and horses) gone by. Pictures often make me smile. They can make me wistful, lonely, sad, ecstatic, longingly envious... Pictures evoke in me myriad emotions that words don't.

Thus, I love cameras. I would be terribly in over my head with the newest professional get-up, although I covet and slobber over them. So I am very likely to just upgrade to a better point and shoot. (gasp! Did she really SAY that???) I simply don't have time for another hobby.

I love my camera for the pictures it provided to chronicle my kids' growth. I love my camera for capturing moments in time I often forget about but can revisit whenever... I love my camera for zooming in to cut out the mess that is my home on a regular basis. I love my camera for the times it has brought me joy, as in this blog. I love that my camera will now capture the images of my beautiful new niece so that I may annoy countless hundreds with her ethereal guise!

I simply couldn't live with out my camera!

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