Sunday, November 22, 2009

My phone is a life line... And a sickness.

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Hello, my name is Stacey (all intone, Hello Stacey...). I have a Crackberry Blackberry and I can't put it down!

We all know I am a Techy. Love new technology. I am a pariah in my own home! An example: Just recently, I employed a new remote for the myriad of electrical devices I we have in the living room. I actually purchased said remote two years ago in hopes of putting to bed the four remotes Hubby insisted on using for each item. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find the remote clicker, much less trying to find FOUR of them. The first "launch" went miserably! Even frustrated myself! But two years later when the kindergarten simple remote's channel up button went bad, I refused to spend another $20 on a new one, since I had one that cost over $100 in a drawer just begging to be of use! I got it out, learned it's ins and outs, and put it into action... I still find them using 4 remotes! And none of them well! They resist new things and the remote takes a bit of time to learn. I have been called into the living room on many occasions to "FIX IT!" I guess I will smile and call that job security! But I digress...

When it comes to my phone, I just love the newest and the most innovative. I have a Blackberry and couldn't be happier... Ahem. I think my nose just grew! I AM happy with my phone... For now. (Since I have to wait until January for the newest one.) I love to text, send video, pictures, play games and listen to music - and all of these things I can do from my phone! I can keep in touch with Hubby, my kids, my mother, my dad, get strange texts from my Uncle (everyone has an Uncle Bob). I can check the weather, find a sushi bar, book a flight, get driving directions... All from the tee-tiny keyboard on my Crackberry. Aptly nick-named, as I can't seem to be anywhere without it and touching it just makes everything better! (An aside: Hubby cannot even answer my phone. Has no clue which button to push and usually hits 3 or 4 of them with his cute sausage-like fingers in the process!)

Since the hullabaloo about the iPhone possibly moving to Verizon - We all know that was a lie! - I have been waiting to see what the Tech-horizon has in store for me. I have been very happy with my Blackberry. I have a lot of things on there that I just love using - Programs you can't get anymore.... And it will be an adjustment to get a new phone. But you know me well! It is an adjustment I am willing to make! I cannot live without my cell phone!
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