Friday, November 6, 2009

An award... I'd like to thank - McG!

Ain't that somethin? McG (aka: Ali) has bestowed upon me an award with some pretty stringent guidlines... I'm no good at guidelines, and she knows this! But I will try. I'm supposed to reveal 10 things about myself that you might not already know (lil difficult after the 30 secrets...) and then pass this lovely award onto 10 bloggers - That is the hard part!


Thing 1: I cry at commercials. Not all of them and not for the same reasons that Hubby throws things at the TV... I can be absolutely moved to tears over commercials providing it is the right time of the month. Ahem! The ones where a soldier is coming home, a baby doing this or that, pet shelter commercials...

Thing 2: I can make myself grumpy with just thoughts about a particular person/situation. This is part of my Grudgy Greta persona, and none too attractive! Nothing new has to happen, no fresh slight or insult... Just dredging up the past. Lovely, huh?

Thing 3: I can't stand it when people aren't easily readable. This is a bit hard to explain. I really like people. I like meeting new ones, loving old ones, chatting and generally enjoying company. I get seriously wigged out when I cannot discern how someone is reacting to me or whatnot. I don't like not being able to read someone because it so rarely happens to me. When it does, I wonder what is up with that person... Makes me squeamish!

Thing 4: I smile right out loud when someone comments on my blog! I think that is so extremely cool! Makes me feel like I might someday be a real writer!

Thing 5: I'm absolutely in love with my new dog, Pogo. I whisper "I love you" in his soft little ears a lot and I relish the time he spends in my lap or right next to me. He makes me giggle and cracks me up when he paws at my hands while I am working at my computer. (Right now he is asleep by my side, patiently waiting until I am done tappy-tapping.)

Thing 6: I fall asleep on my couch by 8:30 each week night. Getting up at 5:30 to get Girl to school is hard on an old woman!

Thing 7: I often stare at my family when they aren't looking. I love watching them as if I didn't know them and assessing how wonderful and beautiful they are. I am very grateful that I have a healthy and handsome family that loves me back despite my craziness!

Thing 8: I am so excited to be an Auntie! My sister will be induced on Sunday if her labor doesn't progress (she's been having contractions for days now...) and I get to go see her and the new arrival in December... I simply cannot wait!!!

Thing 9: I am obsessed with clouds and sunrise/sets. In my part of the country the skies are pretty clear, so a blazing sunset or a rockin sunrise is unusual. I do get some amazing shots though when we have had some wind around here. The pinks are just amazing!

Thing 10: I am a Meme addict! I love them on my blog, I do the emails that chain around, I love conversing with others about what they like so that I can tell what I like and why I like it. Call me a narcissist of the first degree... Don't care! I love doing it to make others more comfortable about revealing themselves. I love to hear the different things that we all go through and how it affects us and how we tell it once we are asked...

On that note... Thank you Ali for making me reveal just a little bit more behind the curtain!

There is only one blogger I can think to tag: Fragrant Muse... You are IT!


  1. Oh, Number 3: makes me think you are an intuitive. Not alot of us out there in the world...but yep, I know what you mean.

    Number 4: Love that line: Smile out loud! That's a keeper

    Number 7: I never thought about it, but I do that too! I take lots of pictures, this is my excuse to look and wonder and be grateful. They usually cooperate if I don't ask them to pose.

  2. I love this and can relate to most of them.. are we related???? I stare at hubby wondering if I still see the young man I married or does he look a lot different now? I also stare at the girls trying to figure out where their features come from and what's going on in their funny little heads. Thanks for joining in!!!!

  3. I stare at my kids too and marvel at how the grew up all of a sudden and wonder where my babies are. Then they throw a tantrum about something and begin acting like the teenagers they are. Then I look at them like they have 2 heads cuz really I think they do.
    Congrats on the award and great choice in TFM.She totally rocks!


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