Monday, November 30, 2009

It's a sickness... I need serious help!

OREM, UT -  NOVEMBER 5: Motorola's new Droid s...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

If you follow my Twitter posts, you know I went and got it. I couldn't help it. I had a friend who needed my help getting hers, and even though I knew it wasn't healthy for me to go along, her need for techy help swayed me into the Verizon store...

(Cue spotlight and ethereal music) There it was... Illuminated and ready for touching. (I had hand sanitizer so the myriad fingerprints on the little sample screen would not deter me!) My friend asked all the right questions, we played, we touched, we ooohed and we ahhhed... She bought. I felt "spent" - Yes, that kind of "spent". I told you, it is a sickness...

That was on a Sunday. By Tuesday, I was back in the Verizon store to investigate a way I could walk out with the ultimate in shiny phones...

A Droid! A Motorola, shiny, slick, slightly heavy and definitely clunkier than an iPhone, but as close as I will get for years, Droid!

I have played, I have downloaded apps, I have logged on to wireless, I have done it all! I have called customer support, I have set up my home screen, I have set up all the wonderfulness that is this phone...

I know there are those who would scoff at such a purchase. I don't care. I am deep in my addiction and I am one happy camper!

Have I told you lately I love my phone?

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  1. My boss was in the store at 7am the day they came out....I have to admit I'm kinda jealous, I told hubby I wanted an iphone but I forgot about the droid... he didn't want us switching to ATT but this could very well be the answer!!! Oh Lord here IIIIII go again!!!! you're an enabler!!!!

  2. Oh man! I'm telling you, you would not be disappointed! If you are at all computer saavy, it's a dream! I had a Blackberry and loved it. I think I'm obsessed with this one!


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