Saturday, November 7, 2009

I cannot live without my oils!

Now, lest you think me a painter or maybe a foodie, let's get one thing straight... I am perspectively challenged - Thus no painting. And if I cannot put it together inside 30 minutes, I rarely cook it!

No, the oils I am talking about are of the Essential ilk (Hi Liz!).

I took a Level One Aromatherapist course a couple of years back after I was introduced to the wonderful world of essential oils by a gal who gave me the most amazing massages. I started slowly... Then lept in with both feet! As per my usual modus operandi!

I have two lovely cases full of EO's that I simply cannot leave alone! I like to make my own blends using a book I have and looking up what I want to accomplish. A drop here, a little carrier oil there... It is incredibly interesting.

I was always driven by smells, even as a small child. I love certain smells and they remind me of happy times. I also have studied enough to realize that God has made an incredible machine in the human body that can be healed and rejuvenated in so many different ways. I have a tendancy to think that in this world of sterlility and chlorox and anti-germ gels that we have gotten away from some of the most natural mood and health enhancers - FLOWERS!

Then there is also the medicinal level of oils... Since I have certain health issues that I tend to neglect with modern meds, I use quite a few EO's to subsidize my lifestyle... I don't like the way traditional medicine deals with my athsma... So I use a Ravensara blend that helps me cope with short breath and opens my bronchial passages naturally without turning me into something akin to a withdrawing crack addict! When my kids get car sick, I have these little portable diffusers that I put Peppermint oil in and that usually helps them keep their lunch in their tummies and off of my leather seats... During a bath I use German Chammomile and Lavender for the ultimate in relaxation. Orange oil makes me smile and feel child like because it reminds me so much of my Grandfather.

I don't usually smell like anything as I am sensitive to others who may have issues with smells. For me, I love them - well, most of them! I would freak out if I didn't have my Essential Oils!

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  1. You KNOW I couldn't let this post pass without a comment, didn't ya darlin'?

    I am so so so happy that you are in love with the oils. I wish everyone felt as you do. I can tell you the world would be a healthier place if they did! I am teaching a Level 2 certification class in May...why don't you come to PA and take the class! That would thrill me to pieces!


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