Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's been a while...

You know when life sneaks up on you and you just can't seem to find your proverbial butt with both hands???? Well, no big shock - It has happened to me!

For the last month I have been literally running from one business to the other, not able to figure out what has changed and what has made my schedule a thing of the distant past. I am slowly coming out of a desperate dash into the Christmas season, but I have to say - Still no light at the end of the tunnel. (I am a bit of an optimist. I keep hoping the light isn't that far away, just a twist in the tunnel and I will be out of this in no time!)

I have had some very lovely travels in my sojourn, of late. I was able to spend the first Thanksgiving in maybe 10 years with Hubby and our little family. We simply packed up my lovely Ford Edge and headed south to Oklahoma City. If the darned show schedule won't cooperate, join the silliness and be flexible!!!! (I hate to inform family members here at home, but we had so much fun, we may just make it tradition!) I returned to OKC for the big Finals weekend that has become tradition the following week. After two more days with Hubby, I lit out for Louisiana to see my precious niece. What a joy!!!!!!

All this travel was a little harrying in that I had to rely on others to be here at home and do what I normally do... Well, some of what I do. And it is a very difficult thing for a control freak to do. I literally had to duck my head and ignore a lot of things so that I could just get through. I didn't want to miss out on the plans I had, because those too were very good things. I know my obsessive personality was stretched and I thank those that helped me get a grip! I need to learn to trust more that those I have set in place to help are so very capable... that is why I chose them!

Tonight is the big client Christmas Party and I am almost ready. I am burning off Christmas music to have playing while we all enjoy each other... Thus the splinter in time that I can log in and update my poor list of readers... I thank you for not deserting me as I wandered off into oblivion for a time... Hang in there! I am hoping to be back soon. Maybe. Sort of.
Merry Merry!


  1. the baby is just precious.. and wow, I'm proud that you let someone else take the reigns... I know how hard that is. Enjoy yourself this Christmas!!! I'll keep checking in and see how y'are!!! Merry Christmas, friend... xoxoxo

  2. Oh so glad to see you back on-line! Even if it is just a brief moment. I feel like I've had a quick "fix"!


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